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In 2005 Roxanne Evanina, a popular television reporter, called me in need of representation.  As soon as I learned the facts, I realized that she should have been labeled the victim in the situation, not the accused.  The prosecutor's office quickly agreed and no charges were ever filed against her.  No one was hurt and no crime ever occurred.  The entire matter was grossly and unfairly blown out of proportion by the media.  Had the true facts been revealed, her actions would certainly have been declared justified.  Any one who knows Roxanne understands that she is not capable of the conduct she was accused of committing.  She is a warm and caring person with a stellar reputation.

Denis M. deVlaming     

Mr. deVlaming is a Partner at the Denis M. deVlaming, P.A. law offices in Clearwater, Florida and a former Assistant State Attorney.  He served as president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and is currently an adjunct professor at Stetson University College of Law (St. Petersburg, Florida).  He also lectures on many university campuses around the country including Harvard University and conducts numerous seminars.

Website: http://devlaming.com/